Consumer Hub

Product companies need to create and operate their own database to develop a strategy for direct interaction with the consumer.

In the past, they have developed scattered direct marketing, e-mailing, social networking, …, being necessary to create a unified information system and multichannel: Consumer Hub.

Meydis has the methodology, tools and expertise to create these actions combining capabilities in databases, social networking integration, customer marketing and management consulting multichannel campaigns with subsequent shipment.

One of our core values ​​is building information system from a future perspective to marketing (segmentation, actions …) and not merely technological.

Consumer Hub born for this: to focus the responses from the different channels, centralize the collection and measurement of the information and make shipments from different channels depending on the profile and selected channel.

Relational Messages

The aim of this area is to create value through the use of large volumes of data to manage hyper-personalized messages and the relationships between them in a segmented way.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute report «Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity,» B2C companies increase profits by 60% by 2020, by adopting big data techniques.

B2C specifically, in the future companies will use customer knowledge to improve their participation thanks to the evolution of segmentation and personalized communication, strengthening relationships providers and third with a higher level of information.

In Meydis we have developed the first Marketing Management in the cloud as a result of +4 years developing, analyzing in detail the communication with customers and management projects co-branding in different industries (retail, finance, entertainment, …).

From our experience, marketing teams have to overcome high technology and consulting barriers when developing projects customer commitment.

The huge cost and burden of specific work and expensive–resources requires the integration of complex technology to manage customer life cycle and behavior in a systematic way eventually become a problem. We have steps to minimize the impact on your business tools.

This is the leitmotiv behind Relational Messages: simplify and accelerate programs customer engagement, provide market information and ease of use regardless of the platform.

Personalized video

The best way to convey a concept to a client is to do it in a close and personal. From a BBDD we are able to link the variables that our client needs and create a personalized video: Each video provides the data that each client needs by providing the latter with a unique and exclusive sense.

Interactive document

The dynamic document extracted the full value of digital media by allowing an organization and more intuitive navigation information. It allows the inclusion of multimedia content, and opens the door to offer bidirectional services with the user, favoring the flow of feedback from which we can extract valuable information to know and offer increasingly, a single information geared to their tastes and customs. In Meydis we have the necessary scope to put these tools, which seem more typical of future technology.